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10 Must-Have Party Dresses Under $50


10 Must-Have Party Dresses Under $50

Hey you! I know exactly who you are. You are the type that loves the finer things in life, but you’re on a budget at this time. Maybe you aren’t spending any money right now due to the future ongoings around the coronavirus. Perhaps you are currently out of work, and your savings is slowly depleting. Maybe you love to splurge in spells, and now just isn’t the right time to be spending frivolously. No matter the reason, you know what we all have in common…we both love to shop. And that’s why you are here reading today. Welcome to Luxe Ladies in Fashion. You are now officially inducted into Luxe Mafia. I won’t hold you up any further because I know that you want to get right to it. So here are 10 Must-Have Party Dresses under $50:

1. Elizabeth Multifunctional Dress – $49.99


This list consists of 10 party dresses under $50, but what if you can get 5 styles in 1. We already love JLuxLabel, as their collection is the epitome of sophistication and grace. And yet again, they did not disappoint with this Elizabeth dress. This dress is multi-functional, and you can view the various ways to style this design in the photos above. Also, if you have a creative mind, I’m pretty sure you can think of even more ways to style the dress.  This party dress is form-fitting and hugs your curves just right.

2. Sugar-Free Party Dress – $42.99

Fashion Nova

There’s a reason that this dress is Fashion Nova’s best seller and has over 4,000 reviews. Of all the party dresses on this list, this has to be the best one. If you’re looking for a satin, slip, slit, plunge neckline, or mini dress, this is the dress that gives you all of that in one. And that is the exact reason why Fashion Nova knew to offer this dress in sizes ranging from XS-3X and in 8 different colors. This dress is a good buy and you know Fashion Nova always provides a discount or has a sale.

3. Extreme V-Plunge Dress – $42 26

Pretty Little Thing

Yes, sexy mama! This party dress is for all of the fashionistas out there! It is so sleek and chic, and it will have you looking like a bottle girl for sure! The V-plunge neckline is out of this world, and you will be the best dressed at the party. This strapless dress is a must-have just because of the V-neck alone. It also features a hidden zip closure, and it’s a dress that no one will ever forget.

4. Romantic Comedy Dress – $39.99

Fashion Nova

I see you, girlie! You know you can expect to snag someone the night that you put this dress on. Also, you will be sure to have a great time. That’s why I had to add two party dresses to this list from Fashion Nova. I couldn’t leave either one of them off of this list. Fashion Nova should be one of the first websites you visit when you are looking for an outfit on a budget. But back to this dress. The satin material is sexy, sultry, and seductive.

5. Small Talk Mini Dress – $59.90 35


Whose birthday is it? It doesn’t matter which day of the year you wear this dress on; it’s going to be your birthday! Period. This dress is pretty, cute, and is the perfect party dress. If you don’t plan on paying for any drinks yourself, definitely wear this dress. It’s a show stopper and an attention grabber. The vibrant color and tinsel material makes you a heavy contender for outdoing your friends.

6. Hourglass Midi Dress – $46

Naked Wardrobe

All of you know how much I love midi dresses. I love how midi dresses accentuate your curves, no matter your shape. This dress rests above the ankle is perfect for any nightlife event – an after-work event, a local bar, and an upscale lounge. This midi dress can be worn to any function. You won’t have to worry about being over or underdressed. You will exude sophistication and glam, but will be living your best life.

7. Ain’t So Basic Mini Dress – $44.57

Oh Polly

Who said basic couldn’t be this cute? You can’t have a list of 10 party dresses under $50 without including a mini dress. We all need at least one basic dress in our wardrobe at any given time. You never know how you’ll be feeling one particular day after work or if you just need that night time pick me up that only a lounge, club, bar night can fix. You won’t have to worry about not having anything to wear because Oh Polly will have you covered in this Ain’t So Basic Ruched Mini Dress. Grab your clutch and your favorite heels and hit the town running. This dress is available in various colors, so there are no excuses this time.

8. Kalia Cowl Neck Dress – $51 21


We are nearing the end of the list, and I hope you enjoyed it thus far. Of course, we had to include some electric and vibrant colors. A bright-colored dress can turn a basic dress into a glamourous one. Here is another must-have party dress that you should own – a cowl neck dress. It pairs well with a small pendant necklace. For this dress, a backdrop necklace (back chain) will also match well, as the back has draping.

9. High Neck Satin Midi Dress – $79 31.60

ASOS Design

ASOS used to be my favorite clothing website. I would search for midi dresses and jumpsuits every week and purchase my favorites. So, of course, I had to include a must-have dress from them. Now, this dress is uber-glam, and the color will have you looking like new money. This dress has a lot of draping, which contributes to the fantastic look of the dress.

10. Halterneck Mini Dress – $49


To conclude this “10 Must-Have Party Dresses Under $50” post, I had to be sure to include a little black dress. We all need at least one in our closet. A little black dress goes well with any shoe that you own, as well as any purse or accessories. This form-fitting dress has a sleeveless design and has a ruched waist and an open back.

While compiling this list, I wanted to be sure to include a party dress for each type of party girl. I hope I exceeded at doing that. As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to share, like, and comment on this post! Let me know which dress is your favorite!

~ Sincerely, Brooke Madison

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