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Gucci Off The Grid Collection


Gucci Off The Grid Collection

Gucci Off The Grid Tote Bag – $1,690

A few times a year, a luxury designer releases a new collection that blows our minds. And as my blog grows, I discover new content and new ideas of how to share what I’ve found. This time around, I’ve decided to post about the Gucci Off The Grid Collection. A lot of you may not keep up with the latest trends or newest arrivals, but I now take an oath to do so.

The campaign for the Gucci Off The Grid collection is a star-studded one, as it is led by Jane Fonda, Lil Nas X, king princess, and many more. So what do I think of this collection? Wow. The vibrant colors remind me of a Safari ride. Now, of course, these are colors that shouldn’t be worn on a safari, but regardless I see the look that Gucci was going for, as the collection does correlate with the off name. And although this is a woman’s fashion blog, I have placed a few items in my top picks that are men’s items. We can rock a men’s cap or a backpack, as ultimately, those can still be treated as unisex.

Gucci Off The Grid Hooded Jacket – $1,700

The Gucci Off The Grid collection is the first from the Gucci Circular Lines collection. They are referring to this collection as a treehouse in the city, as every element is made of recycled organic biobased and sustainably sourced materials. Sustainability, in regards to the environment, means to avoid depletion or degradation of natural resources and to allow for long-term environmental quality. When it comes to Gucci this time around, even the packaging comes from a sustainability managed forest. Abandoned fishing nets are one of the waste products used to create regenerated nylon yarn Econyl.

Gucci Off The Grid Backpack – $1,980
Gucci Off The Grid Baseball Cap – $430

Gucci Off The Grid Shoulder Bag – $1,190
Gucci Off The Grid Mini Bag – $690

A few of these styles are currently in production with a scheduled delivery date of September 23, 2020. But you’ll be one of the first to have the items as soon as they release. As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to share, like, and comment on this post! Let me know you’re thoughts about the collection!

~ Sincerely, Brooke Madison

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