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JLuxLabel Nara Midi Dress

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JLuxLabel Nara Midi Dress

JLuxLabel one shoulder midi dress

Brand JLuxLabel has been around for a few years, and since its launch has made quite an impact on social media. Their collection consists of the latest styles and newest trends so if you aren’t keeping up with their newest releases, you are missing out. However, I have to let you ladies in on a little secret. I am a little biased to their collection. There are articles of clothing I have an excessive amount of in my wardrobe – catsuits/jumpsuits and midi dresses. And they have tons of both. But for the sake of this post, we will focus on the JLuxLabel one shoulder Nora midi dress. We all love a sophisticated and sexy freakum dress. And this midi dress provides us with just that!

This dress is an exclusive design for JLuxLabel. That is a great thing! In this day and age, 15 different online boutiques order the same items from the same vendor and sell it for different prices. At least with this midi dress being exclusive to them, we know that it was manufactured just for JLuxLabel. Now that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t have your dress on, but it does make for a better purchase.

Now let’s get on to the JLuxLabel Nora One Shoulder midi dress!

This dress is super flattering. And don’t be discouraged if you have a larger derriere or a few back rolls or an extended tummy or a small chest. We all have something that we don’t like about our bodies, but we have to let that go and dress accordingly! Let’s get this dress in your closet, ladies! Sometimes it takes a dress like this to motivate you to work on your body goals! Nonetheless, this midi dress is sexy and sultry with its form-fitting design and keyhole front to show some cleavage. Also, the material is composed of bamboo rather than cotton, which makes it more absorbent and breathable. Breathable fabric is excellent, especially when you have that night out on the town. You just make sure to have an overnight babysitter the day you put this freakum dress on, because when you get home…

mustard keyhole maxi dress

Pics from JLuxLabel

mustard colored midi

JLuxLabel Nara One Shoulder Dress

Purchase Price: $42.99

Available Colors: Mustard

Where to Buy: JLuxLabel.com

How I’d Wear This: I would wear this JLuxLabel Nora One Shoulder midi dress with just the right amount of accessories – earrings, small pendant necklace, and bracelet. I would pair this midi dress and accessories with a pair of heeled sandals.

As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to share, like, and comment on this post! Let me know how you’d rock this dress!

~ Sincerely, Brooke Madison

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