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Lionne Clothing Layla Maxi Dress

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Lionne Clothing Layla Maxi Dress

In case you had any doubts, I support small businesses. And if you genuinely want unique pieces and apparel that other people won’t have or haven’t seen before, you need to find an up and coming designer that manufactures their products. The designer of this Lionne Clothing maxi dress is Latoia Fitzgerald. She is a Philadephia native and one of the best dressed on Instagram, in my opinion. I’m uncertain of how I initially stumbled upon her page, but I’ve been following her for at least four years. I liked her style, and she owned a few designer pieces, and those are the two things you need to get a follow from me.

When I was scrolling through social media, the above photo stopped me dead in my tracks. The photo has the exact type of slaying that I like. This tube maxi dress is perfect for multiple occasions, such as a picnic, a summer outing, a brunch, etc. You can also wear it as a swimsuit cover-up. It appears to be sheer, so please be sure to wear black undergarments, if any. By now, I hope you ladies know not to wear a white bra or panties underneath white clothing because it will show through; unless that is the type of attention that you are seeking. The Lionne Clothing website doesn’t display any photos of the back of the dress, but it has a slit in the back to allow for swift movement.

White Maxi Dress

Lionne Clothing Layla Maxi Dress

Price: $102

Available Colors: White

Where to Buy: LionneClothing.com

How I’d Wear This: I would wear this Lionne Clothing Layla Maxi Dress just like the model in the photo. I would pair it with a pair of sandals and a small pendant necklace.

As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to share, like, and comment on this post! Let me know how you’d rock this white maxi dress!

~ Sincerely, Brooke Madison

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