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Off White Meteor 2.8 Jitney Bag

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Off White Meteor 2.8 Jitney Bag

off white meteor jitney bag

I know that you’re always searching for items that make you stand out in a crowd, and here’s your answer. The Off White Meteor 2.8 Jitney Bag is one of those bags that you keep hidden away in the dust bag in the back of your closet until you receive an invitation to that dinner party that your fiance’s ex-girlfriend is also attending. Designer Virgil Abloh and his street style clothing has been gracing our fashion world since 2014, and he continues to produce amazing pieces. Although the Off White brand has quite the name for itself, Abloh continues to have so many successful designer collaborations. And as usual, he dropped another banging purse.

Who knew that holes would make the Jitney bag look so much better? You may be thinking that this is a non-functional bag, but Off White has you covered. There is a small pouch included with your purchase, that you can place inside the bag if you choose to. But I must admit, using the interior pouch does change the look of the purse. You will see what I’m referring to when you see the photos below.

But is the Off White Meteor 2.8 Jitney bag worth the price?

In addition to being an abstract piece, this purse comes equipped with a shoulder strap and a top handle. You may feel as though $1510 is a hefty price to pay for a purse with holes, but there are a few things that you must remember. We are Luxe Ladies, and we can’t help that we have expensive taste. We want the finer things in life, and there are far more expensive items on our wishlist.

Pics from OffWhite

off white black meteor 2.8 jitney bag

Off White Meteor 2.8 Jitney Bag

Purchase Price: $897- $1550

Available Colors: Black & White

Where to Buy: SSense.com, FarFetch.com, SaksFifthAve.com, & NeimanMarcus.com

How I’d Wear This: Of the released colors, my favorite Off White Meteor 2.8 Jitney Bag is the white one. There are so many different outfits that can go with this purse. It really would depend on the event that I would be attending. Let’s stick with the scenario described earlier: a dinner party that your significant other’s ex would be attending. For starters, I would wear something like a red slip dress with very sparkly accessories. I would pair that with some sparkly designer sandals, and a full-length faux fur – over the shoulder, of course.

As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to share, like, and comment on this post! Let me know how you’d rock this purse!

~ Sincerely, Brooke Madison

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