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Staud Asymmetrical Top + Milo Pants

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Staud Asymmetrical Top + Milo Pants

Well, well, well! I haven’t seen a top like this in quite some time. Staud is an LA-based brand, and they hit the mark with this Staud Asymmetrical Ponte Top and Milo Pants. I hadn’t heard of this brand prior to searching for items for a new post. So when I saw this set along with their name, I went to browse their website. They have cute and trendy apparel, but their handbags are a must-have! By the end of this month, I’m quite sure I’ll create another ‘Fashion Recommendations’ post for one of their purses. That’s just how cute they are!

The contrast trim of this Staud Asymmetrical Top speaks for itself. This top is exclusive to Net-A-Porter.com and the Staud website. Both the top and pants are made from Ponte, which is a fabric consisting of a combination of rayon, polyester, and spandex materials. So what does that mean? Any article of clothing made of Ponte will mold to the shape of your body. This means that we will see every nook and cranny, so just prepare yourself for that.

Staud Asymmetrical Top + Milo Pants

Purchase Price: Top – $250 Pants – $195

Available Colors: Tan & Black

Where to Buy: Net-A-Porter.com & Staud.com

How I’d Wear It: I would not wear the Staud Asymmetrical Top with the Milo pants, because wearing them together would be a bit much for me. But I most definitely would wear the top by itself in either color. Depending on how it feels on the skin, I may choose to wear it as a cover-up on the beach. But if not, I would wear it with a pair of white or black tight-fitting pants and shoes that match the pants color.

As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to share, like, and comment on this post! Let me know how you’d rock this purse!

~ Sincerely, Brooke Madison

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