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Style of the Week – Lace

Style of the Week

Style of the Week – Lace

As it gets warmer, we have to ensure that our body maintains a cool temperature. And for some of us, this means that we begin removing apparel from our summer wardrobe, ultimately wearing a lesser amount of clothing. A workaround for that is to wear clothing of a thinner material, and that’s where this post comes in handy. Summer is right around the corner, and those blazing temperatures are nearing, so it was only right I choose lace for this ‘Style of the Week.’ A lot of people either don’t own any items with lace, or they possess a very minimal amount of clothes with it. Not only does lace keep you cool, but it looks great on the skin, no matter the color. Here are a few items that fit into the lace trend.

Pretty Little Thing Lucille Bodysuit – $30

Well, okay now! You can wear this bodysuit when celebrating a night out on the town or when you’re in your home celebrating with the hubby. Either way, this bodysuit is sexy. And you know Pretty Little Thing always gives you bang for your buck.

Lilly’s Kloset Lace Maxi Dress – $58

This lace dress is lovely. It gives off the innocent look but reminds others that you’re a fun girl with the deep v-neckline. This is a great purchase for a picnic or trip to a museum.

Self Portrait Studio Lace Midi Dress – $475

Pics from Frwd

This dress is perfect for a summer date night or a picnic slay. This dress is best for the people that love lace but still want to leave some things to the imagination, as it comes equipped with a nude lining.

Reve Roche Esada Bodysuit – $395

reve riche esada bodysuit 6

Now this one here, I need. Talk about slaying all day. This bodysuit goes perfectly with a pair of pants, but it’s off the rector scale when you wear it by itself. This is a must-have.

Boohoo Bardot Dress – $50

Now this dress right here, is me all day long. Ms. Brooke Madison. I used to have a personal blog under that name. But anywho, from its form fit to its ruffled hem, this bardot dress is a go.

For Love & Lemons Cheyenne Dress – $215

love and lemons cheyenne lace dress

Wow. The piping and contrast colors on this dress make this the almost perfect dress. I say almost because this lace dress is a little short for my taste. But this is definitely a keeper.

Missguided Kaftan – $72 + Pants – $66

Y’all see this set. I wish it came in other colors, but for now, this color will have to do. This is actually inspiring me to to do a dedicated post for cover-ups in the near future.

Intertwine Classy Lace Dress – $72.50

Plain and simple with a hint of sexy. Those are ingredients they used in the factory when they created this dress. I like its pink color, and the length of this dress is perfect.

Akira How Good Dress – $99.90

I visited the Akira website for the first time on Saturday. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. Their website was nothing like I expected. And I’m saying that in a good way. I think this dress speaks for itself.

Gucci Lace Dress – $1250

I had to add this Gucci lace dress to the list for the fashionistas. This could’ve been used in next weeks ‘Style of the Week,’ as I’m doing mesh and sheer. But I honestly couldn’t wait.

Self Portrait Studio Maxi Dress – $540

Self-portrait laxe maxi dress

This dress is bomb that I had to list this brand twice. The color blue is so pretty and your body parts are exposed in all of the right places. You know Luxe Mafia has to keep it classy.

Skarlett Blue Lace Bodysuit – $64

skarlett blue bodysuit

This is sexy. And since this is lace, this can actually be used worn as a swimsuit. You can put a bikini top underneath or use nipple pasties to cover your nipples. But be mindful of going into any water with an adhesive on.

Melissa Odabash – $306

I, for one, am someone who loves a good cover-up. I never, and I mean never, go to a beach or a pool without one. And this cover-up is just so cute. While wearing this, you don’t have to worry about the plain swimsuit that you have on.

Asos Lace Blazer – $190

Did I ever tell you ladies about my lace blazer? I wore that thing down to the ground. And because of my love for that blazer, I had to add one here. You shouldn’t wear this blazer as often as I did because this is white in color and will get stained faster.

As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to share, like, and comment on this post! Let me know how you feel about this list or if you’ve found some items that should be added!

~ Sincerely, Brooke Madison

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