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Style of the Week – Sporty

Style of the Week

Style of the Week – Sporty

As we all know, history tends to repeat itself, and the same goes for the fashion world. It seems that every couple of decades, a very popular trend makes its way back around. I would’ve never thought that bell bottoms would ever come back, but here they are. We just call them flared bottoms now. But, the sporty trend was a popular style in the nineties, consisting of windbreaker suits, visors, baggy jeans, and sweatpants with one leg up. This trend is back, and I’m here to provide you with a few items that complement the sporty style outfits trend.

Playboy x Missguided White Butterfly Hoodie – $36

playboy x missguided hoodie sporty style outfits

I don’t usually wear hoodies, but this right here is a vibe. The back of the hoodie is much cuter than the front, but even more reason to slay from all angles. Most of apparel from the Playboy x MissGuided collaboration fit this style. Be sure to check it out if you have not already done so.

Pretty Little Thing Bike Shorts – $10

pretty little thing bike shorts sporty style outfits

Of course, I can’t create a list of sporty style outfits without including a set of biker shorts and a sweatshirt. Biker shorts have been around for decades, but we have seen a recent resurfacing of the trend. You can’t fail with biker shorts as they add pizazz to your outfit, despite it being basic apparel. These can be paired with t-shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies and looks best with a pair of sneakers.

Burberry Sonny Belt Bag – $690

burberry sonny pouch spoty style outfits

Pic from FRWD

Fanny packs. Both moms and dads used to rock these waist bags. These pouches used to be a must-have in the nineties, and I’m glad that they are back in style because they can be handy. Today, it’s more than just a waist bag, as people carry it across there chest and shoulders now. Nonetheless, whether it’s a designer pouch or not, please get one of these bags.

Adidas Leggings – $40

adidas leggings casual sporty style outfits

Leggings can be worn to any informal event, and no one would think twice about it. Just make sure that if wearing a crop top or a shorter shirt that you are accompanying them with seamless panties.

A19 Drawstring Top – $95 + Track Pants – $165

I don’t wear any sporty style outfits, but I need this! I contemplated leaving this item off the list so that it can be exclusive to me only, but I decided to share because I can’t let the Luxe Mafia down! This 2-piece set is another must-have! And it slays in every color that they have it in on the website.

MisBHV Tracksuit Jacket – $360 + Shorts – $190

Pretty in pink, but sporty. This windbreaker set is the look to utilize when you want to look casual but still slay on the fashion tip. This item is super comfortable and comes in a few other colors. Plus, if you like this style, you’ll love their brand.

Jaded London Oversized Jacket – $111

jaded london denim patchwork jacket sporty style outfits

Who said oversized jackets couldn’t be this fab? And this comes as a set, with a cute little mini skirt. But for the sake of this post, we will just look at the denim jacket. The color integrated with the ragged denim patchwork makes this set ridiculously cute.

Fashion Nova Abigail Cargo Pants – $39.99

fashion nova cargo pants sporty style outfits

Anyone can rock cargo pants. Whether you pair them with some sneakers, or combat boots, or a pair of heels, cargo pants are the safest bet for all body types. These pants have four pockets, so you can leave your big purse at home. We’re trying to look sporty anyway.

The North Face 94 Rage Fleece – $121

His and hers. This outfit is cute when worn solely, but look how much fun you can have when slaying this with someone else. Whether you want to match your husband, friend, son, or coworker, you can’t go wrong.

Unravel Project Distressed Baggy Boy Jeans – $590

Baggy jeans. Honestly, we all should own at least one pair of loose-fitting denim. All of the clothes that we own don’t have to fit tight all the time. Whether you purchase women’s baggy jeans or men’s jeans for the sake of size, either will do the trick.

Kloset Envy Windbreaker Jacket – $30 + Joggers – $34

Don’t you just love this set? I know I do. It’s the perfect summer set. I know some of you may get a little tired of the neon colors, but the trend isn’t going anywhere. You can wear sneakers with this outfit or pair it with heels like in the photo.

Asos Design Curve Tracksuit – $51

A hoodie with the matching sweatpants is the most effortless look to put together of the sporty casual style outfits. Sometimes you just want a comfortable, everyday outfit to chill out for the day.

Christian Dior Visor – $390

christian dior visor sporty style outfits

Many people don’t own a visor anymore, but I think it’s still a good investment. Visors work to block the sun from hitting your face, and sometimes you don’t want to wear a hat or a pair of sunglasses Visors do come in handy.

Nichole Lynel The Label Camo Pants – $169

Anything camouflage always fits into the sporty style outfit trend. And these pants are not your typical pants. You can pair these with some combat boots and transform yourself into G.I. Jane.

Hopefully, this list took you down memory lane. We don’t know how long this trend will stick around this time, but be sure to join in and take your pictures now. There’s nothing like looking at old photos. Other attire fits into this category, but I hope you are satisfied with the current selection.

As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to share, like, and comment on this post! Please let me know which one is your favorite!

~ Sincerely, Brooke Madison

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