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Thom Browne Transparent Rain Parka

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Thom Browne Transparent Rain Parka

striped vinyl clear jacket

I’m going to state this early on. I love this transparent parka, but I have never heard of Designer Thom Browne before. And I honestly feel as though I’ve been missing out. Of course, I will share all of the dope designers that I find with you guys! This blog was created precisely for that reason. We will be learning about all of the designers that we will be spending money with when we are no longer asking how much something is. I am the one that will conduct the research and stay in the know of the fashion ongoings. Then I will bring you guys my top picks. That is how this relationship will work. Now, back to Thom Browne!

When I was browsing the Browne website and saw a few pieces from his collection, I immediately had to create an account on his page. He is an American fashion designer from NYC and he created his womenswear collection in 2014. But let’s get into this Thom Browne transparent parka!

Like me, there’s something about this parka that you love! You know it, that’s why you’re still on this page. We all have individual styles that we stick to and never really stray away from, but it’s time for a change. You won’t see anyone else wearing this parka, and that alone is a reason to love it! I can tell that their model choice doesn’t do this jacket any justice and that it would look fantastic in person and when it’s on! This transparent, vinyl jacket is consists of two front pockets, a drawstring hood, and cuffs.

transparent patent leather parka

Thom Browne Transparent Rain Parka

Price: $2,700

Available Colors: Red/White/Blue

Where to Buy: ThomBrowne.com

How I’d Wear It: This is a jacket, so I don’t have too many answers here. However, I am the type to wear my coat all day as an outfit.

As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to share, like, and comment on this post! How would you rock this?

~ Sincerely, Brooke Madison

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